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About the Healthcare Facility Database

The Utah Department of Health and the Utah Health Data Committee developed a health care facility encounter database and began collecting inpatient discharge from all licensed hospitals in Utah and the Veterans Administration Medical Center in 1992. In addition to these important data, ambulatory surgery and emergency department encounter data collection was established in 1996. These data represent nearly every hospitalization, emergency department visit and ambulatory surgery in Utah for any given year regardless of payer.
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Healthcare Facility Data

The Healthcare Facility Database contains encounter records for all licensed hospitals, emergency rooms, and ambulatory surgery centers in Utah. Inpatient records date from 1992, and other encounters from 1996. These data represent all hospitalizations, emergency department visits and ambulatory surgeries and diagnostic procedures performed in Utah regardless of payer. The records contain information about providers, patients, and billed charges.
Inpatient Information
Outpatient Surgery Information
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Emergency Room Reports

All Utah licensed hospitals are required to report information on Emergency Department (ED) patient encounters. Hospitals supply these data to the Office of Health Care Statistics, on behalf of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, for the purpose of constructing a statewide Emergency Department Encounter Database. The database contains the consolidated information on medical codes, patient characteristics, services received, and charges billed for each ED encounter. The ED Public Data Set includes the combined data on all ED outpatient visits and ED inpatient admissions.
Primary Care Sensitive Emergency Dept Visits in UT, 2001
UT Emergency Dept Utilization and Charge Reports 1996-2011