Utah HEDIS® Results

This report displays results showing the quality of care members received under each Medicaid and CHIP health plan (i.e., managed care or accountable care organization) and commercial health plan reporting to the Office of Health Care Statistics as measured using HEDIS technical specifications during calendar year 2023. The previous year's results are also listed. Each year is reported separately. All results were calculated by each individual health plan and validated by an accredited third-party auditor prior to submitting results to the Office of Health Care Statistics at the Utah Department of Health and Human Services.

The report is separated into two components:

Results are sorted alphabetically by plan for each quality measure for the most recent reported year with national averages presented along with plan results. For some measures, rates are not reported for the following reasons determined during the third-party audit:

  • *Small Denominator. The organization followed the specifications, but the denominator was too small (<30) to report a valid rate.
  • Not Reported** The organization did not report the measure.
  • Not Required. The organization was not required to report the measure.
  • § No Benefit. The organization did not offer the health benefit required by the measure (e.g., mental health, chemical dependency).

All participating health plans were given the chance to review these results prior to publication pursuant to the requirements depicted in UCA 26-33a-107.

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a registered trademark of NCQA.