Cycle III Grant, In support of Health care Reform in Utah-Evaluation Committee Final Report

To support health care reform in Utah, Cycle III project teams were tasked to enhance the Utah APCD by improving analytic capacity and providing pricing and cost-transparency reports. Our program evaluation model included key methods and tools, recommendations from the APCD Development Manual (Porter et al., 2015), the use of a Collaborative Evaluation Model, logic models, and development and use of best practices as measures.  Stakeholders felt that our transparent evaluation efforts facilitated the project’s success.

Feedback about the application and utility of APCD data to fulfill all other use cases was overwhelmingly positive. Users of APCD data were incredibly positive about their experiences
working with Utah Department of Health (UDOH) staff throughout the entire process. Best practices in data quality and data security were adhered to and improved upon throughout the
project, which was also reflected in positive feedback from users. Additionally, the recent APCD Community Update 2016 reflected the success that we have observed in the Cycle III
project implementation. Read the Cycle III Evaluation Summary Report in its entirety.